Canna Sky

Designed to fulfill everyone’s version of a fabulous day by the sea, Canna Sky offers the perfect happy place for those who prefer enjoying the awe-inspiring view of the ocean minus the sandy toes and salty hair. Indoor and fully air-conditioned, featuring contemporary organic designs that bring the natural elements inside

Canna Lodge

Canna Lodge offers a delightful restaurant and bar where guests can savor delectable foods and drinks, take a break from the sun and sand, and enjoy the magnificent view, lovely breeze, and hot Bali weather from under a roof. Boasting reclaimed wood and Boho decor, Canna Lodge offers a perfectly laid-back yet fashionable atmosphere for a fabulous dining experience by the sea

Canna Deck

Canna Deck

Canna Deck & Pool is where the outdoor celebrations of tropical vibes take place after sundown. Accompanied by the finest classic house disco performed by well-known DJs. Set amidst the immaculate white sands–overlooking the ocean’s sparkling shades of blue, Canna Pool features a fabulous generously sized pool surrounded by plush sunbeds.

Within the expansive venue, Canna Bali invites guests to immerse in the variety of enjoyment presented at Canna Sky, Canna Lodge, Canna Pool & Deck, Canna Sand, and Canna Shade

Operational Hours

Everyday | 11:00am – 21:00pm